Friday, May 25, 2012

Minato Mirai

Pressed for time as we had to get to the Minato Mirai area by 5:00 p.m. to still enter the Cup Noodles Museum (will be blogging about this next - see the following post!), we took a cab from Sankei Garden to Minato Mirai. (Total cab fare was over ¥2000!)

It was my 2nd time in Minato Mirai, the first time being almost a year ago when my friend George was in town. Sharing photos of the usual tourist structures...

red brick warehouses

the Cosmo Clock 21

I didn't ride the ferris wheel this time. We just went to Cosmo World to sit down and have some snacks after our Cup Noodles Museum tour.

the mall across Cosmo World

pretty pansies in Cosmo World

Snacks in Cosmo World:
my french fries
Ronjie's ramen (it tasted so-so)

Evening shots of some of the structures which make up the Yokohama skyline:

Landmark Tower

L-R: the 3 Queen's Square towers, ___, Intercontinental Hotel, Cosmo Clock 21

Nippon Maru (it's permanently docked & is a museum)


In the evening, Ronjie, A&W, and I met up with my cousin K (who was also friends with A&W) and we had dinner in the basement of Queen's Square.

Ronjie's chicken karaage set meal (spicy taco, if I remember correctly)

my plain chicken karaage set meal (set meal came with miso soup)

A shot of green Japanese pay phones to end this post. :D

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