Thursday, May 24, 2012

yakiniku in だるま家 (Daruma House)

Almost a year ago, I blogged about dinner at Daruma House and how I had isaw baboy there. Seems like eating there is becoming an annual tradition! :9 We treated our friends A & W to dinner at Daruma House during their last night in Atsugi. Grilled pig's innards are supposedly an Atsugi specialty, so a yakiniku dinner for our visiting friends was indeed the way to go.

started off with tuna salad again
(it's really good!)

beef and chicken grilling

pork intestines marinating

horumon & vegetables

assorted veggies

pickled ginger and dipping sauces (one is soy-based; the other, sesame-based)

beef tongue

beef tongue grilling

grilled beef tongue in lemon juice

on the right are pig & chicken bones

grilling bones

grilled chicken bone (they choose a softer bone part)

pig bone

edamame :)

It's great that Daruma House is just a few minutes' walk from our apartment. We don't come here regularly though because dinner here (maybe yakiniku in general) is bit more expensive than in non-yakiniku restaurants. Kaya sa 2013 pa siguro kami kakain dito ulit. Or maybe when we have visiting friends again.

We smelled so much of smoke after; the walk back to the apartment helped in taking away some of the smoky smell stuck to our clothes and hair. I also bought some strawberry ice cream from the konbini for dessert. :D Happy kid! :)


  1. yay let's eat there! :)

    sosyal ng ice cream nila, may takip pa.

  2. yup we're eating there next year! libre tayo ni ronjie! :D