Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Odawara Castle

On the way to Hakone, Ronjie brought us to see Odawara Castle. It's just a few minutes' walk from the Odawara train station on the Odakyu line. Some photos:

red bridge leading to the main entrance to the castle

really hungry-looking fish in the moat

crossing the red bridge

cute toddlers on a field trip

Akagane-mon (Akagane Gate)

huge tree which was inviting me to hug it

kids on a field trip - so cute in their matching hats!


samurai costumes & kimonos for rent

This is it! Odawara Castle!
We were pressed for time so we didn't enter anymore. Maybe next time?

We had quick lunch at Hakosoba in the Odawara Station before proceeding to Hakone.

my ebi tempura & udon

Ronjie's hamburger curry

Off to Hakone! I'll be posting photos of our Hakone sightseeing trip in my next blog entry. :)

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