Friday, May 18, 2012

May food: wraps

After improvising with pizza crust for our sisig tacos, we were able to find flour tortillas in the international deli downtown. And we experimented with different wraps! Fun! :D

Sisig-cucumber wraps - exactly like the sisig tacos we made

Grilled chicken wraps - I used leftover sweet & savory grilled chicken and then just experimented with different combinations of vegetables. This one was shawarma-inspired so I made a sour cream-garlic sauce for the wrap.

clockwise from top: cucumber sticks, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, parsley, onions, green onions

sour cream-garlic sauce

grilled chicken wrap! :)

we also tried it with mayonnaise

Beef fajitas (with homemade guacamole)

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  1. Cabayan! (este Mrs. Aquino!) :) I'm not very busy sa office kaya I have time to visit the world wide web! Ssshhh..hahaha! Naalala ko yung blog mo. :) Puro food! Kakagutom! Hahaha. Hope all is well. When are you coming home? :)