Thursday, June 16, 2011

around Atsugi

(saw this while walking around the neighborhood)

kakaibang puno

This is right outside the Hon-Astugi train station.

pedestrian crossing right outside the Hon-Atsugi station

Atsugi Catholic Church one Saturday
(the white-haired guy is the parish priest)

Atsugi Catholic Church after mass one Sunday
(click the photo to jump to the mass schedules)

Mr. Owl last June 5 - he's looking good!

Thomas the Tank Engine!
the first English book I saw in the bookstores here

cute leather keychain

tsk, tsk

That's it so far! Will be sharing more 'around Atsugi' photos in the coming blog posts. To end this entry, here's a Mutts comic strip and a cool timelapse video of the night sky by Christoph Malin. This was not filmed in Atsugi. I'm including both (comic strip & video) here anyway, just because I missed the lunar eclipse last night. :D

Mutts 110605

Black Hole Sun - Astronomic Mountain Landscape TimeLapse from Christoph Malin

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