Thursday, June 30, 2011

other June food (3/3)


smoked brats

vanilla ice cream with mangoes and bananas

beef sinigang

lemon chicken using Connie Veneracion's recipe
(click the photo)

nasunog na pancake :(

Gusto night again with the boys
top: Ronjie's roasted chicken
bottom: my order, parang mushroom-flavored arroz caldo

pork tinola
I used a recipe from This tinola has white cucumber again, pechay instead of sili leaves, and potatoes (even if the recipe didn't call for any).

pork okonomiyaki

canned coconut juice from Thailand

green tea pastries from George

it's good!

Milano biscuits from George, too

instant noodles (it tasted like it was hoisin sauce-based)

easy lunch for 1
clockwise from top-right: cherry tomatoes, instant miso soup (just add hot water), rice, lettuce slaw (using lettuce left over from the tacos we had), cookie cutter origami--pang-design lang 'to! hindi nakakain! (based on a Jo Nakashima tutorial), drinking water, microwaved canned tuna

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