Tuesday, June 14, 2011

photos of our okonomiyaki dinner

O-san, Ronjie and I biked to Yamada Denki last weekend to claim some shopping credit vouchers so we decided to have dinner after at the adjacent okonomiyaki restaurant, Dohton Bori. The name Dohton Bori is inspired by a famous retail strip in Osaka, along the Dotonbori river (or canal, based to Wikipedia). Okonomiyaki is really known in Osaka/Kansai.

It's  a Japanese-style restaurant, where you eat from low tables on the floor.
Lockers were provided for our footwear.
design of the cushions we sat on
(the Dohton Bori mascot is a raccoon) 

We got soybeans (as an appetizer),

pork okonomiyaki,
pork okonomiyaki ingredients

seafood okonomiyaki,
seafood okonomiyaki ingredients 
mix-mix, pour, form
seafood okonomiyaki looking good
pork okonomiyaki cooking
adding mayonnaise, fish flakes, and seaweed flakes (the green bits)
seafood okonomiyaki naman

gyoza with ice cubes under the lid, to steam them
(so that's how gyoza comes out having a toasted bottom but soft, steamed upper part)


and garlic chahan (fried rice).


(Sorry for the messed up alignment.)


  1. actually, you usually won't find tatami mats at restaurants. this was no exception. and... your font sizes seem so small. not good for lolos and lolas who want to read your blog. :D

  2. oh yeah! no tatami mats nga! (edited the text already, deleting the bit about tatami mats, thanks! :D)