Thursday, June 9, 2011

tinolang manok

I was leisurely finely chopping my onions yesterday afternoon when Ronjie sends me a text message saying he was coming home early because he wasn't feeling well. It was just grace that our scheduled dinner was to be tinolang manok. So I quickened my chopping pace and hurriedly prepared the other ingredients so we could have dinner the soonest. Hot, ginger-y chicken soup is always best for sore throat, stuffy nose and not-feeling-well days.

I based my tinola on a recipe from but made a few adjustments:
- used 3x more ginger,
- instead of green papaya or sayote (which were both not available in the supermarket), I used white cucumber,
- replaced sili leaves (also not available) with pechay leaves (I discarded the stalks), and
- added leeks to the soup.

Here's what I ended up with:

I thought it tasted good. (Ronjie also did. :D) Not bad for my first tinolang manok. Yay! :)

Thank you again,! :) And special thanks to our SFC family for the prayers. Ronjie feels much better today. No fever anymore but he still feels a bit weak. He took the day off from work/school today to rest; hopefully tomorrow he'll be back to his maligalig self already.

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