Friday, June 10, 2011

other June food (1/3)

(I love how it comes pre-cut already)
strawberry jam

Spanish sardines pasta

pork menudo
using Del Monte Quick n Easy Menudo Sauce
(Did you see how big the red bell pepper was?!)

blueberry yogurt :)

hotdog sandwich (?)
chocolate cream-filled bread dipped in chocolate
a peach-flavored drink

pancakes with sausages :9

lunch at MOS Burger
clockwise from top: french fries (R's), onion rings (mine), breaded chicken fillet (R's), cheeseburger (mine),  some double pattie spicy burger (R's), large softdrink (R's)

sinigang na salmon
using Mama Sita's Sinigang sa Bayabas Mix
(we have sinigang once a week)

bottled cubed Thailand mangoes in syrup
(We miss mangoes! Thailand mangoes aren't even half as good as Philippine mangoes.)

we saw this in the supermarket and decided to try it out

pork sisig
using Mama Sita's Sisig Mix

remember the bottled Thailand mangoes? this is them but now with cream and sweetened condensed milk

imbentong salad: lettuce + cucumber + salsa :D

very addicting!

beef tapa with tomatoes and fried egg
(The fried egg on top was cooked using a microwave egg cooker; the one below I fried after I cooked the tapa, in the same oil, hence the dark burnt-looking color.)

peaches, pineapples, pears, and apples in syrup

was craving for doughnuts; this was all I could find
(it didn't satisfy my craving, just to let you know)

tapa pasta :D
(re-fried leftover beef tapa in some olive oil, mixed with leftover spaghetti, and topped with grated Parmesan cheese)

And to end this post, here's something I got from Yahoo! - how to rescue a wet cell phone.

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