Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26

Ronjie and I spent Sunday at home. :) Well, we went out in the morning for mass and our weekly grocery date, then spent lunch and the rest of the day in the apartment.

didn't forget to say hi to Mr. Owl after mass
(the flowers are starting to crowd him)

passed by some pansies on the way to the supermarket

Ronjie cooked lunch! 
I call this 'Ronjie's mix-mix' - shrimps, mushrooms and assorted veggies, boiled together with some spices.
then for dinner we had homemade tacos :D

(notice the tiny cheese cubes; no grater so I made do by cutting it up)

I hate that I eat tacos so messily. Neat taco-eating is a skill to be mastered.
(we use junk mail as placemats)

dessert: vanilla ice cream with chocolate cubes + milk cookies crumbles

(6/30/11) P.S. For the beef, I combined the recipe at the back of the taco spice mix pack with this recipe from

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