Friday, June 10, 2011

cloudy days are perfect for walking

One cloudy day, I walked 25 minutes to Ronjie's school to make him gulo to meet up with him for a lunch date.  We ate in the "by-the-pound" cafeteria. Here you have a selection of various food and viands--it's self-serve--and when you get to the cashier, you're charged based on the weight of the food you got. Rice has a different rate (lower) than the viands. Soup is a fixed charge per bowl. My lunch that day totalled to ¥436, including rice and soup. Not bad. :)

The "by-the-pound" cafeteria is located in the Arts compound of the school grounds. (The "normal" cafeteria is in the Engineering compound.) After lunch, I caught some artists sketching by the pond. The atmosphere there was really peaceful and relaxing. I liked it. (On another day, I'm going to walk to Ronjie's school again just to hang out by the pond.)

We had lunch late so there were hardly any other people around when we were there.
(Forgot to take a photo of my food. By the time I remembered, it was all gone.)

students sketching by the pond, which was home to some koi and a turtle
(wasn't able to get to a photo of the turtle though)

After lunch, Ronjie toured me around his old neighborhood. (His old apartment was just a 2-minute walk from his school.) This is the neighborhood park. (After the March 2011 big earthquake, he and some of his neighbors/colleagues hung out here while waiting for the numerous aftershocks to subside.)

 I saw some white and blue hydrangeas! :)

This is another park in the neighborhood. Pocket park! It's much smaller than the earlier one.

the guy is most likely a traveling salesman taking a short break from his work

Hope there are more cloudy days up ahead! :)

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