Monday, June 20, 2011

other June food (2/3)

zunda mochi Kit Kat 

ready-to-eat lunch from the supermarket: salad, chicken katsu & roasted chicken
salmon, mushrooms and potatoes in garlic-lemon sauce
(click the photo for the recipe--from!) 

pork sinigang using Knorr Sinigang na may Gabi mix
(used really thin slices of pork for this one, they ended up breaking apart :-/ lesson learned)
french toast, take 2!
(used a different recipe for this, click the photo)
_____ fish fillet and asparagus with spicy Japanese mayo
top to bottom: Ronjie's plate, my plate, Ronjie's 2nd serving
(dunno what fish I used, this is based on another recipe, click the photo) 
chicken cordon bleu
Nainggit kami sa kinain nila Joanne, Arn & Wenna, so we decided to have chicken cordon bleu too.
(for this I used a recipe from French Cooking for Dummies, click the photo to link to it) 
peaches and cream (with a bit of condensed milk)
We had dinner at Gusto with the boys again last weekend.
This is Ronjie's salad and my fried chicken plate.
cookie monster-ing!
Ronjie's birthday adobo
(click the photo to link to the recipe -- instead of mushrooms, I put in peanuts :D) 
served with tomatoes on the side

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