Sunday, June 5, 2011


On my way to class last weekend, I passed by some lolos and lolas (cute elderly people!) playing a game of what looked like croquet (also played by the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland). I watched for a few minutes and took some photos.

After researching a bit, it seems this is not croquet, but a game of gateball. It's a croquet-like and -inspired game which originated in Japan after World War 2. Differences include the balls used (number of balls and colors), the size of the field, the time limit of the game, and some playing mechanics. (Read more here.)

I love watching senior citizen activities. And it's amazing how, here in Japan, the elderly are so strong and full of energy and life. I come across a lot of them in the スーパー (read as suupaa, Nihongo for "supermarket"), doing their groceries. Also see a lot of them biking in the neighborhood. They're so cute and it's great how they're still so active! (I hope to also see myself this way in 50 years' time. :D)

Mabuhay ang mga lolo at lola! Mabuhay!

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