Sunday, June 19, 2011

celebrating in advance

We celebrated Ronjie's birthday a day in advance, starting off with lunch at Denny's,

Ronjie's sirlion steak with corn soup and rice
my asparagus-broccoli-crunchypotatolikething-shrimp-mozzarella risotto
my iced pearl milk tea cooler
mass at 2:00 p.m. (after which we were invited to stay awhile by some Filipino church members for a snack of lugaw and ginataang bilo-bilo -- sarap!), then shopping! Retail therapy at Daiso, AEON mall, and grocery-ing at OK.

Hi, Mr. Owl! :)

And then, dinner date  at グアン (Guan), the only Thai restaurant in Hon-Atsugi.

pad thai -- Ronjie's birthday noodles :)
Their tom yum soup was really spicy pero ang sarap sa lalamunan! It had Ronjie perspiring!
fried spring rolls after we devoured them :D -- sarap din
red chicken curry
Yum yum! Advanced Happy Birthday, Ronj! Cheers to more celebrations together! xoxo 


  1. The potato-looking thingy in your "risotto" (they call it "doria," which is probably the French cuisine equivalent to risotto) are, I think, roots of the lotus plant ("hasu" in Japanese).

  2. thanks! :)

    asparagus-broccoli-hasu-shrimp-mozzarella doria!