Monday, June 6, 2011

shabu-shabu at Nabezo

For dinner the other night, I met up with Ronjie and 2 of his colleagues, O-san and WF-san, for shabu-shabu tabehodai (all-you-can-eat) at one of their favorite shabu-shabu restaurants, Nabezo in Hon-Atsugi. O-san, the Japanese in the group, did the ordering for us and suggested we try this soup stock which was good for the skin. So we got the spicy kimchi stock and that good-for-the-skin one. The milky-looking broth had koragen (collagen) and tasted like skim milk. (I wonder what was in it?)

O-san spooning the koragen into the stock


meat cooking

dropping in the veggies and mushrooms

bean sprouts

90-minute shabu-shabu tabehodai for ¥2,180

It was, as usual, a yummy filling dinner. :) *burp*

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